How to Engage Our Services: 

1) Call or Email us to Schedule an On-Site Consult

2) On-Site Consults: Basic or In-Depth?

The In-Depth Consult consists of a preliminary Client Interview, an On-Site AnalysisPossibilities Discussion, Client Interview Review and a typed/emailed Consult SummaryThe In-Depth Consult is ideal for people with a new or large project, and/or clients ready to move soon into the design/build phase. The included Consult Summary contains much more information about phases and budgets of the project than the Basic Consult. It is suitable for both clients who are DIY or want the contractor to handle the entire Design/Build Process.

The Basic Consult consists of the On-Site Analysis and a Possibilities Discussion for the site. (In this scenario, the client takes notes and does not receive the follow-up Consult Summary.) The Basic Consult is ideal for clients who want a review of existing systems or want to bounce their ideas off the highly trained and experienced professional, but are not ready to move into a design/build phase, for review of existing systems/designs/installations, or for clients with a limited budget or project scope.

Design/Build Process


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