Permaculture Design and Edible Landscaping

With our years of experience, we can design any size landscape, from a small culinary herb spiral located outside your kitchen door to an ecovillage complete with flourishing food forest. We will work with you to fulfill your ecological potential! We love to create integrated systems for resilience.

Our projects have included design of Hawaiian Sanctuary Gardens on the Big Island of Hawaii, food forest design at Joe's Farm in Roberts Creek, BC (Canada), to permaculture garden installations in many locations in the United Sates and Mexico.

Kitchen & Cafe Design and Consultation

We design aesthetically pleasing, maximally efficient spaces for business, entertainment and education. Our designs include a cafe at Hawaiian Sanctuary, a teaching kitchen for the Art of Life Foundation, as well as consultations for restaurants, organizations and individuals around the world.

Super Hero Teamwork and Green Business Consulting

Bruce can help your organization build resilient "invisible structures" and facilitate productive meetings that it takes to be successful in collaboration. Move beyond impasses and into efficient process where all are heard and valued, and the results happen with ease, grace and abundance! 

Imagine walking out your door into a food forest full of your favorite foods!  Want to create a truly sustainable homestead or ecovillage? Ready to be empowered to live in blissful collaboration with nature while building resilient community? RIPE Landscapes can help:

We design and implement resilient, integrated systems to meet your family and community’s vital needs for food, water, energy, shelter and resource management. And we facilitate permaculture classes and certification courses where you get a holistic education in ecological design! RIPE Landscapes founder Bruce Horowitz specializes in designing “invisible structures” for smoothly functioning community and business endeavors, edible landscape design and implementation, organic garden and compost system installation, natural food and green business consulting, chef trainings and catering.

Interested? Contact us! We're happy to provide references and estimates.


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