Permaculture at La Semilla Urban Farmstead in Birchwood

Classroom & Hands-On Instruction, Work Days & Evening Classes  

This Falls Offerings start in October 2018: Farmstead Design, Soil Fertility, Water Management, Bees, Rabbits and Chickens, Community…

Please sign up below to our mailing list for schedule and registration t.b.a:

Past Workshops and Design Certification Courses

Please sign up for the Aug 3 & 4 Events using the Paypal Buttons on the Home Page. 

August 27 & 28, 2011 at New Earth Farm (Raw Vegan Source):

Join Certified Permaculture Teachers Tom Armstrong and Bruce Horowitz for a weekend of raw permaculture! 

MUCHAS GRACIAS to all who helped make the a bilingual Permaculture Course at Buena Fortuna Gardens a very, very special event! Stay tuned for future events and projects. 

Permaculture Design Certification Course

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