RIPE LANDSCAPES is a design/mentor ecological company that uses permaculture       principles and techniques to create beautiful and productive landscapes.

We work with clients of all budgets of all sizes and sites of all scales, providing design, plantings, inputs, management plans and/or regular maintenance (and work with local, artisan contractors when legally required) to create inviting, beautiful, easy to maintain, regenerative physical and human ecosystems, -- personalized to the client's specifications.

          Check out these before, during and after photos a back-yard retrofit:


Food Forests,    Garden Beds,    Edible Landscaping...
Orchards,  Garden Features,  Arbors...
Water Catchment,    Waste Cycling,   Energy Systems...
Community Development,   Naturally Built Shelter...
Animal,   Compost,   Graywater Systems...

And much more to make your site beautiful, easy-to-maintain and productive!

using only the best plant varieties, natural materials,

and premium, wild, beyond organic and biodynamic inputs

- handcrafting landscapes into productive paradises!

 Create or Transform homestead, farm, and retreat center into your dream!

Please view our portfolio for more photos and descriptions of our work.


offers education in ecological whole systems design/"landsculpting" via workshops, the mentoring of clients, apprenticeships, and two week immersive permaculture design certification courses. 

Please visit our events page for current and past offerings!


"Thank you, Bruce. Your work is beautiful! Much appreciated!!!" -Jim P., Bellingham, WA

"Bruce was great in every stage of my project, from design to implementation.  He has a great feel for esthetics, both general and personal, and is sensitive to everything relative to personal taste.  He’s also really fun to shop for plants with, full of suggestions that are lovely now and even better in the future. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again in the future." - Cheryl S., Bellingham, WA

"I love the design and the beautiful patterns of the garden beds." - Lita B., Bellingham, WA

"You are an awesome teacher and an amazingly intuitive landscaper -- always making the right call!" -Kurt Y., Bellingham,WA

"The best class I have ever taken by far." -Cody J., Bellingham, WA 

describing Permaculture Design Certification Course taken Summer 2015 as senior project at Western Washington University

"Bruce: you did a fantastic job organizing the course! An honor and pleasure to teach with you." -Starhawk, CA, BC

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