Bruce Horowitz, dba, RIPE LANDSCAPES  is a "HIP Certified Professional" and Certified Permaculture Designer and Teacher.

               We absolutely love designing beautiful and productive landscapes for our clients! 

We use proven permaculture techniques, the best plant varieties, premium materials, organic and biodynamic inputs -- working with nature's inherent wisdom -- to handcraft your site into a resilient, abundant and easy-to-maintain eco-system! We will work with your budget, preferences, and even teach you how to do it yourself and to manage your site for years of enjoyment. 

We design plant, water, energy, compost, animal and people systems, naturally built shelter, paths and other site accesses, medicine and resource gardens, privacy screens and wind breaks, tool sheds, kitchens, as well as other desired features.

How to Engage Our Services: 

1) Call or Email us for a free estimate (this is for very specific, smaller projects) or to Schedule an On-Site Consult

2) On-Site Consults: Basic or In-Depth?

The In-Depth Consult consists of a preliminary Client Interview, an On-Site AnalysisPossibilities Discussion, Client Interview Review and a typed/emailed Consult SummaryThe In-Depth Consult is ideal for people with a new or large project, and/or clients ready to move soon into the design/build phase. The included Consult Summary contains much more information about phases and budgets of the project than the Basic Consult. It is suitable for both clients who are DIY or want the contractor to handle the entire Design/Build Process. $350 -$1000 USD depending on site size, extent of the client interview process,  the scope/size of project, the location, travel time and the content of the Consult Summary. 

The Basic Consult consists of the On-Site Analysis and a Possibilities Discussion for the site. (In this scenario, the client takes notes and does not receive the follow-up Consult Summary.) The Basic Consult is ideal for clients who want a review of existing systems or want to bounce their ideas off the highly trained and experienced professional, but are not ready to move into a design/build phase, for review of existing systems/designs/installations, or for clients with a limited budget or project scope. $200 - $500 USD depending on site size, location and travel time.

(Prices includes all taxes)

3) Design/Build Process

For larger projects: After the consult, we move forward with the 7 Step Design/Build Process outlined below:

(For smaller projects, we can work on per project basis)

The business side of the process is as follows:

A) The Bid

An estimate of the time, materials and labor it will take for the design/build; 

It can be divided into phases and have several options.

B) Contract

A detailed, legally agreement between the client and the contractor. Very detailed with contingencies for changes, unforeseen circumstances, etc. (Contracts over $1000 also require the client and contractor to sign the "Disclosure for Clients" form.) 

C) Design

A detailed site plan, plant and materials list and the timeline for installation.

D) Build

The process of landscape installation. This can be done exclusively by the contractor, or can include the client as a participant. This can be accomplished very quickly or spread out into several phases.

E) Management Plan

How to maintain the landscape once installed -- provided by the contractor for the client.

F) Evaluation & Maintenance

Either done by the client or, if agreed upon, by the contractor.


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